1. What marks the differences between a civil and a religious building?

-In general religious building were more decorated whit a lot of details,furnitures,paints,etc..
Also in the religious buildings religious rituals toke place.
In the other hand in the civil buildings,economic and political´s work happends,assemblies..etc..
Normaly civil buildings are smaller and more serious.

2. Make a list of the most important civil buildings and another of the most important religious buildings in the city that you can still see today.

Religious Buildings:

-Iglesia de San Pedro el Viejo.-Basílica de San Andrés.
-Capilla de San Isidro.
-Basílica de San Miguel.
-Capilla del Obispo.
-Colegio Imperial de los Jesuitas.
-Monasterio e Iglesia de San Jerónimo el Real.
-Parroquia de San Jines

Civil Buildings

-Alacazar Real.
-La Casa y Torre de los Lujanes.
-Museo de San Isidro.
-Plaza Mayor.
-Palacio de los Consejos.

3. What function did the civil buildings have? What were they used for?

Alcazar Real:
-It was built in the IX century, it was the residence of the kins from Charles I until Phillip V.
Plaza Mayor:
-It was used to put the market and to made public acts such as bullfighting.

Museo de San Isidro:
-At first was used as a place to live, later they change it into a museum.

Palacio de los consejos:
It was used as a residence from the people of the court, it was also used by the royal treasury.
Casa y torre de los Lujanes:
- It was the house for the family Los Lujanes.

4. What function did the religious buildings have? What were they used for?

-The religious buildings are used for Christians religious ritual like eucharistie, wedings,etc...
There are construyed to spred the Christianism.

5. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the civil buildings? Why?

Alcazar Real:
-The Trastamara Dynasty made it.Later Enrique III, Juan II and Charles I reform it.
Plaza Mayor:
-Philip III ordered to built it.
Museo de San Isidro:
-It was finacied by the Lujan Family.
Palacio de los consejos:
-Hause of Duke de Uceda,he built it.
Casa y torre de los Lujanes:
-The Lujan Family pay to built it.

The Nobles rich people and members of the royal family paid and orther the construction of the civil buildings for his personal use o for citicens necesities.

6. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the religious buildings? Why?

Iglesia de San Pedro el Viejo:
-Ordered by the archbishop of Brindis(Lorenzo reinoso)
Capilla de San Isidro:
-We don't now who built this building.
Capilla de San Miguel:
-Built for Spanish martyrs. Louis of Bourbon and the bishop of Toledo ordered its contruction.
Capilla del obispo:
-Alfonso VIII paid and ordered the construcion to keep the res of San Isidro.
Parroquia de San Ginés:
-Jose luis Marín ordered to built it because people of Arenal Street need a place to pray.

Iglesia de San Jerónimo el Real:

-Is a monastery for the monks construyed by Enrique IV.


Big Question-Adrián M.R