1.What marks the difference between a civil and a religious building?

2.Make a list of the most important civil buildings and another of the most important religious buildings in the city that you can still see today.

3.What function did the civil buildings have?What were they used for?

4.What function did the religious buildings have?What were they used for?

5.Who ordered and paid for the construction of the civil buildings?Why?

6.Who ordered and paid for the construction of the religious buildings?Why?

1.The religious buildings are for pray, religious ceremonies and other religious acts which are paid by the Pope and the Church,while the civil buildings are for official events and pay by the Nobles, the Royal family and the President.

2.Important civil builidings:
-Palacio de los Consejos.
-Museo de San Isidro y casa y torre de los Lujanes.
-Plaza Mayor.
-Real Alcázar.

Important religious buildings:
-Capilla del Obispo.
-Parroquia de San Ginés.
-Basílica de San Andrés.
-Basílica de San Miguel.
-Monasterio de San Jerónimo.

3.The civil buildings have the function of recieve important people, kings and presidents live there. They were use for meetings, congresses and important acts.

4.The religious building have the function of house religious people who prayed for their salvation of their soul and for the soul of the fellow. It also was the place were other important events take place, such as weddings and baptizes.

5.- Palacio de los Consejos: Was paid by the King as a residence for visitors and lawyers of the Alcazar.
- Museo de San Isidro: It was paid by the family of Lujanes in order to celebrate events.
- Plaza Mayor: It was paid by the King Philip III because It was the perfect place for trading and social events.
- Alcazar Real: It was built by Arabic people and remodelated by several Spanish kings.

- Capilla Del Obispo: King Alfonso VIII ordered to built it in order to house the rest of San Isidro Labrador.
- Parroquia de San Ginés: Jose Luis Marín ordered to built it and it was built in order for the People from the street Arenal would have a place to pray.
-Basílica de San Andrés:Luis Jaime of Bourbon and Farnesio and archbishop of Toledo ordered to construct it. It was built for the Spanish martyrs.
- Basilica de San Miguel: Luis Jaime de Bourbon and Farnesio, bishop of Toledo ordered to build. It was builded for praying.
- Monasterio de San Jerónimo el Real: It was ordered to be build by Philip II in order to have more buildings for the People to pray