Answers of the Webquest

by Diego López 3ºC

1. What marks the differences between a civil and a religious building?

The difference between a civil building and a religious building is that the civil buildings were used for discuse things about the country,for do meetings and somethings like that.In these type of buildings live the politicians,presidents,the king,etc.
And the religious buildings were used to the marriages of important persons,as home for the monks and priests,and events as the proclamations of kings.

2. Make a list of the most important civil buildings and another of the most important religious buildings in the city that you can still see today.

Civil Buildings
-Royal Alcazar
-House and Tower of Lujans
-Plaza Mayor
-San Isidro Museum
-Council Palace

Religious Buildings
-Church of San Pedro el Viejo
-Basilica of San Andres
-Basilica of San Miguel
-Chapel of San Isidro
-Chapel of the Obispo
-Empire School of the Jesuitas
-Parish of San Gines
-Monastery and Church of San Jeronimo

Answer the following questions for each of the buildings that you mention on your list.

3. What function did the civil buildings have? What were they used for?

The civil buildings function was to took meetings for discuse about the situation of the country,for the homes of important persons and importants events of country.In this type of buildings were worked and lived the politicians,presidents,the king,etc

-House and Tower of Lujans:It was the home of the Lujan's family where they lived
-Plaza Mayor:It was created for public events that took place here,as executions of people,bullfighting and also was used for the market where people bought,sold and exchange things
-San Isidro Museum:It was created for the family of Lujans.They used it as place of celebrations.
-Council Palace:It was built as house for the Dukes of Uceda.When their son died, they didn't want to see the palace never,so the Royal Treasury used it as the residence of people from the court,anyone who was linked to the king etc.

4. What function did the religious buildings have? What were they used for?
The religious buildings were used to the marriages of important persons,as home for the monks and priests,and events as the proclamations of kings.

-Church of San Pedro el Viejo: This church was built to pray and do religious things
-Basilica of San Miguel:The construction of the basilica was ordered by the archibispod of Toledo called Luis Jaime of Bourbon
-Chapel of San Isidro: was created to keep the rests of San Isidro and to pray
-Chapel of the Obispo:It was created to keep San Isidro labrador's rests
-Parish of San Gines:was created for the people of Arenal street because they want a place to pray
-Monastery and Church of San Jeronimo:.It was used as a residence for monks and a place of relax for the royal family

5. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the civil buildings? Why?

-House and Tower of Lujans:
Alvaro Lujan order the construction
-Plaza Mayor:Philip II ordered the construction
-San Isidro Museum:The Family of Lujans ordered the construction
-Council Palace:The Duke of Uceda ordered the construction

6. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the religious buildings? Why?

-Church of San Pedro el Viejo:Lorenzo Reinoso,the archbishop of Brindis ordered the construction
-Basilica of San Miguel:Luis Jaime of Bourbon,the archibishop of Toledo ordered the construction
-Chapel of San Isidro:Anyone know who ordered to built it because is very old
-Chapel of the Obispo:King Alfonso VII ordered the construction
-Parish of San Gines:Jose Luis Marin ordered the construction
-Monastery and Church of San Jeronimo:Enrique IV ordered the construction

Considering the buildings that you have studied, write a small composition (20 lines) in which you explain:
1. In what ways society organized in Madrid during the Modern Age?
2. What did the people who built the buildings hope to show with their structures?
3. What role did religion play in 16th and 17th century society? Was it a private and personal matter? Or, was it related to social status?
Give your personal opinion, but support it using the buildings and exampled what you have studied to defend your ideas.

During the Modern Age as the Middle Age the society in Madrid was organized in the Feudal System,it was divided in three different groups called:the clergy,the nobles and the workers.The nobles and the clergy were privileged estates,they didn't pay taxes and had privileges positions in the society and government.The workers weren't a privilegde estate because they had to pay taxes and didn't have any range in politic.This division of people affect each other because there were people with a lot money and power;and other with nothing but nowdays is happens the same.The Clergy had a lot of power,they were situated in high positions in the society,and the government proporcionated all the things that they want;for example,the lived in residences of rich families,the churchs and the monasteries were build with the most expensive materials with many figures of saints,statues and decorations.The nobles had a lot of power and money and they controlled the fiefs.The problems were that they were powerful but they want more power.They live in luxury places.The rich people had own lands,so they build luxury homes and palaces.For example the royal Alcazar or the council palace were places in which the nobles and king lived.The clergy lived in big monasteries.For example the Monastery of San Jeronimo.The religion in the 16th century was predominated by the Christianism.In the 16th century religion had problems with the corruption in the Christian church when the money enter.The good positions were ocuped by the family of the important religious persons as the Pope
and many abuses occurs as:nepotism,pluralism,simony etc.Later In 17th century the Protestans appeared and with this appearence took place many wars of religions that the catholics won but the protestants didn't stop because they want more equality.So the Clergy continued had power and money.