Belén Vidal-Webquest

1. What marks the differences between a civil and a religious building?

The civil buildings were use for official things like meetings,congress.Normally they are ordered to be built by the president or de ministers.And religious buildings are to pray,give mass,get married etc..the are ordered to be built by the bishop,the Pope or the Church.You can differenciate the type of buildings very easily,the Church buildings are much more higher and more old than the civil buildings.

2. Make a list of the most important civil buildings and another of the most important religious buildings in the city that you can still see today.

Civil buildings
-Museo de San Isidro,La Casa y Torre de los Lujanes,Palacio de los Congresos,Palacio Real.

Religious building
-Parroquía de San Ginés,La Iglesia de San Pedro el viejo, Iglesia de San Jerónimo,Capilla del obispo and Basilica de San Andrés.

3. What function did the civil buildings have? What were they used for?

They are a museum,Were thw Lujan´s falily life´s a lot of years ago,were Congresses and meetings take place,and were the Real family are supose to live ,but know is used to State Ceremonies.Respectively.

4. What function did the religious buildings have? What were they used for?

Their function actually are to give mass,eventually weddings or baptisms.

5. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the civil buildings? Why?

-Museo de San Isidro:It was ordered to be built by the noble family of Lujanes.
-La Casa y Torre de los Lujanes:It was ordered to built by the noble family of Lujanes.
-Palacio de los Congresos:Built on behalf of Christopher Gomez de Sandoval-Rojas, first Duke of Uceda.It was designed by Francisco de Mora although work of Juan Gomez de Mora.
-Palacio Real:The arquitecture that start doing it was Filippo Juvara,years later,it was modified by Juan Bautista Sachetti,Francisco Sabatini was incharge of finish it.

6. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the religious buildings? Why?

-Parroquía de San Ginés:It was ordered to be built Juan Ruiz,thank´s a donation of Diego de San Juan.
-La Iglesia de San Pedro el viejo:Archbishop of Brindisi, Lorenzo Reinoso ordered to built it.
- Iglesia de San Jerónimo:It was created by Philip II.
-Basilica de San Andres:Thay don´t know exactly who ordered and built it because is very,very old.

Big Question.

In the Middle Ages the society was organizated in states.It was called Feudalism.The 1º state was the king,the 2º state were the Clergy,the 3º state were the nobles,and the 4º and last state were the peasants and workers,but this state was divided into:the Bourgeoisie and workers,the bourgeosie were bankers,business men or rich people.The 1º,2º and 3º state can take decisions in polities,and they don´t have to pay taxes.The clergy recives the money of a taxes called tithe(a tax paid to the Catholic Church)and the nobles recives also money from the 4ºstate. The king,clergy and the nobles live very luxury,living in big palaces or in big monasteries.During the Modern Ages the rich people have their own land,and built very luxury houses to live.When they built big houses they are showing how rich are them.For example the Real Alcazar were some generations of kings live, was the bigger palace in Madrid.At the XV century the religion predominated was the Christian.But the problem start when the money enter in the religion and corruption broke out in Christian Church.The Pope and the bishops give very good positions to their families,and a lot of abuses occurs they were:the simony,nipotism,pluralism and the sell of indulgences.After it,some people starts to question all this things and the Lutheranism appears(Protestans).At the XVI century Charles V start to have problems with the protests in the Low Countries and it spreads all along the country.And different wars between Protestants and Catholics broke out,Catholics won the wars,but the Protestants wants more equality so they have freedom of religion(each king decide the religion he and his country would follow).So the Clergy continue having priviledges and money.The most religious people were well see in the society.Because of the wars a lot of Churchs were destroid so a lot of them were revuilt.Like for example the Church of St.Andrés,in the XVII the Church of St,Pedro el viejo,the Church of St.Miguel or many others.But also differents civil buildings were built for the government,royal family and diputies service,like the Congress Palace,in the XI century the Real Alcazar was finished so the king and his family went there to live and in the XVI-XVII the house an tower of the Lujanes was built and finished,later on they went there to live.