Big question:
Society was organised in 3 estates: Clergy leaded by the Pope and in charge of construed all the religious buildings, to spread religious, especially in Madrid, to spread Christianism.

Also, Nobles, rich peoples whit money and political positions that build some buildings for his personal use, like castles, houses etc…or public building for the use of the citizens like, for example, the Plaza Mayor that years ago people used it like a market.

People need places to pray, people need something to believe. Because of this people need the churches, monasteries and parishes that the church built.

In these times of poorness, hunger and bad crops the poor citizens, workers, needed the relief and the god's consolation.
Only they had the god's consolation. Only they had god.

In the other side Nobles and rich people built big houses to show to every one their’s power. They don’t care about citizens they only wont to be more powerful.

You can see that the most part of civil buildings are Nobles residences like:
Casa y torre de los Lujanes
and Palacio de los Consejos residences of the Lujanes and of rich people of the court respectively.
Thanks good that thinks change and we don’t live in that’s conditions…

Created by : Adrián Martínez Roca.